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SNAP User day 10 September 2019

ESA SNAP is the free and open-source multi-mission toolbox for post-processing and analysing ESA and 3rd party EO satellite image data.

SNAP User Forum is an event where users will be able to exchange their experience with the use of SNAP. It will be organised around oral and hands-on sessions where newcomers can get to know all about SNAP and where existing users can potentially learn news tricks.

A Tentative Agenda would be

– Welcome Session

  • ESA – Intro to the day
  • SNAP Team – Intro do SNAP (user perspective), who is doing SNAP, how can you help, what’s new (last year or so)
  • Terradue – Keynote: Use of SNAP for an operational use.

– Others Talks

  • Examples of user usage of SNAP in the desktop
  • Examples of user usage of SNAP in a data centre own use
  • Examples of user usage of SNAP by service providers

– Q&A Session

  • Open Discussion – what’s great, what needs improvement, what’s missing

– Workshops (parallel threads)

  • Install Party / Intro to SNAP (usb stick giveaway with portable snap and data)
  • Processing with SNAP for SAR
  • Processing with SNAP for Optical
  • SNAPpy (pySNAP)

Presentations should follow these guidelines
> In what context are you using SNAP, which parts and to do what?
> What other software do you use along with SNAP? Do they have to interact with each other?
> What works and what doesn’t?
> What performances do you get (time, quality)?
> What extra SNAP feature would help your work?
> Did SNAP help you achieve everything that you expect it to?

The main outcome of the event for ESA is to gain a deeper understanding of user needs and user experiences with SNAP. For the user the outcome is to get to know SNAP and to know that SNAP is being actively developed and that they can count on a community to support them.

SNAP User day 10 September 2019

Notable Replies

  1. Interested users who would like to make a brief presentation of their usage of SNAP are encouraged to contact us!

  2. How to contact? Which email address?

  3. Best is to contact Marcus via private message in this forum, right Marcus?

Continue the discussion forum.step.esa.int

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