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New release of SNAP 7.0 public beta is available

Dear Users,
we are pleased to announce you that SNAP 7.0 public beta is available. The purpose of the public beta is to increase the quality of the SNAP 7.0 Official release (due for released by the end of June 2019).
We are requesting all interested parties to test the 7.0 beta release and to report any issues/bugs in the forum SNAP 7.0 beta issues. SNAP 7.0 beta testing is going to continue for a limited time-period due to the proximity of the 7.0 official release.

What is new in SNAP 7.0 beta?

  • New readers: AATSR L1 data in SAFE format, S-1 on AWS, RCM products, PAZ, ICEYE, RISAT-1, ALOS-2 in GeoTiff, Kompsat-5 in GeoTiff, MUSCATE, Landsat L2, Landsat ESA products, Pleiades, WorldView1-3, IKONOS, ALOS AVNIR2-PRISM
  • Allows disabling the automated access to remote auxiliary data. Needed in cluster environments without internet access.
  • Terrain Correction of ALOS-1 from ESA On the fly products
  • Automatic orbit download via QC Rest API
  • Compact polarimetric tools
  • TOPS Deramp/Demod operator
  • Calibration for RCM, PAZ and ICEYE SLC
  • Improved Terrain Flattening & thermal noise filtering
  • Support for multi-size: subset, collocation, copy pixel information, create subset action, export mask pixels, magic wand, export transect pixels, add elevation
  • Operator for the detection and removal of Prompt Particle Events on OLCI
  • Support multiple slaves in collocation operator
  • Improve resampling operator
  • Smart configurator enhancements
  • Graphical User Interface for Remote Execution
  • Virtual File System(VFS) : mechanism to access files from remote site
  • Added OTB bundle

Here you can download the SNAP 7.0 beta installers:

Windows 64-Bit Windows 32-Bit Mac OS X Unix 64-bit
Sentinel Toolboxes
These installers contain the Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 Toolboxes
Download Download Download Download
SMOS Toolbox These installer contains only the SMOS Toolbox.
Download Download Download Download
All Toolboxes
These installers contain the Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 Toolboxes, SMOS and PROBA-V Toolbox
Download Download Download Download

With best regards,
SNAP Development Team

New release of SNAP 7.0 public beta is available

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