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IdePix Tools

The IdePix Processors provide a pixel classification into properties such as clear/cloudy, land/water, snow, ice etc. The processing options/parameters as well as the underlying classification algorithms are instrument-dependent. Actually, SNAP IdePix plugins for the following satellites/sensors are available:

Satellite Sensor
Sentinel-2 MSI
Sentinel-3 OLCI
Envisat MERIS
Landsat-8 OLI
Proba-V Vegetation
SPOT Vegetation
Terra/Aqua MODIS
OrbView-2 SeaWiFS

IdePix is continuously being improved for already supported sensors and extended for further sensors in the frame of various projects, such as the ESA LandCover ([1]) and OceanColour ([2]) CCI projects.

To learn more about the latest version of each IdePix plugin, refer to the Supported Plugins section of SNAP Online Help and https://www.brockmann-consult.de/portfolio/idepix/.


[1] LandCover Project Web Site
http://www.esa-landcover-cci.org[2] OceanColour Project Web Site:
http://www.esa-oceancolour-cci.org[3] LandCover CCI ATBD Pre-processing
LC-CCI ATBD Pre-processing[3] IdePix Release Notes
Release notes on GitHub