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New release of Sen2Cor 2.8 is available

Dear Users,
we are pleased to provide Sen2Cor Release 2.8 under: http://step.esa.int/main/third-party-plugins-2/sen2cor/sen2cor_v2.8/
Stand-alone installers for the three operating systems Linux, Windows and macOS are now available. All three versions require a 64-bit platform.
Regarding the algorithm, the main improvements of the Sen2Cor 2.8 processor compared to previous version 2.5.5 are:

  • Support of the L1C generated with the current (14.5) and previous (14.2) Products Specification Document, as input.
  • Improvement of the spatial homogeneity of surface reflectance between adjacent tiles.
  • Improvement of the terrain correction algorithm in mountainous areas, in order to avoid artefacts for pixels under semi-transparent clouds.
  • Improvement of the terrain correction algorithm, in order to avoid adjacent tile discontinuities in terrain correction for seemingly flat areas with gentle slopes.
  • Improvement of the Scene Classification of snow/ice, enabling the detection of snow above frozen lakes and icebergs in Arctic and Antarctic Sea.
  • Improvement of the RAM consumption, which is now less than 4 GB.
  • Optimization of the JPEG2000 files reading time with the support of OpenJPEG 2.3

The Sen2Cor SNAP adapter works with Sen2Cor 2.8 (PSD 14.5 and 14.2) and Sen2Cor 2.5.5 (PSD older than 14.2). The adapter will be updated soon and a new plugin update version will be published.
For any further details, including installation step, and an overview on the evolutionary upgrades applied to Sen2Cor 2.8, please read the release notes which are provided under: http://step.esa.int/main/third-party-plugins-2/sen2cor/sen2cor_v2.8/
With best regards,
Sen2Cor Development Team

New release of Sen2Cor 2.8 is available

Notable Replies

  1. As explained by @kraftek, Sen2Cor version 2.8.0 contains new features and improvements respect to Sen2Cor v2.5.5 but it doesn’t support some old products. For this, we have decided to support both sen2cor versions by two different plugins in SNAP, so you can execute both. For that, two new plugins have been created and are available in the update center: SEN2COR280 and SEN2COR255. With these changes, the old Sen2Cor plugin has become obsolete.

    The recommended steps for working with the new plugins are:

    • Uninstall the old sen2cor plugin if you installed it:

      • Tools -> Manage External Tools -> Select the Sen2cor row and click on the delete button


      • Tools -> Plugins -> Installed : Select the Sen2Cor plugin and uninstall it.

    • Install the new plugins

      • Tools -> Plugins -> Available plugins : Select the plugins and install them

        If you do this properly, you should have now new menu items:


    • Download and install the Sen2Cor tool from SNAP:

      • Tools -> Manage External Tools : Select one of the operators and click the Edit button. Go to the “Bundled Binaries” tab and click the button for Download and Install

      • Repeat the same steps for the other Sen2Cor version.
        Finally, you should see this in the External Tools window:


  2. Thank you booth @kraftek and @obarrilero for this update, I have question please,

    According to this screenshot it’s possible to call the operator by “L2A_Process.py” using cmd windows!

    But how to specify the specific resolution, let’s say 10 m only using this call?

  3. Hi @falahfakhri,
    it is not recommended to use directly the python script since the .bat script is configuring previously some environment variables in order to use the python version bundled in the sen2cor package.
    You should use L2A_Process.bat, and to specify the resolution you have to add to the parameters “–resolution 10” for example.

  4. Is this correct?

    “L2A_Process.bat --resolution 10”

  5. I meant products like these:

    But you can process them with sen2cor v2.5.5.

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