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SNAP 7.0 released

The SNAP development team is pleased to announce a new SNAP release.

The different installers for the supported platforms can be downloaded.
Besides bug fixes and improvements, several new features are waiting for you. For example:

  • New readers: AATSR L1 data in SAFE format, S-1 on AWS, RCM products, PAZ, ICEYE, RISAT-1, ALOS-2 in GeoTiff, Kompsat-5 in GeoTiff, MUSCATE, Landsat L2, Landsat ESA products, Pleiades, WorldView1-3, IKONOS, ALOS AVNIR2-PRISM
  • Allows disabling the automated access to remote auxiliary data. Needed in cluster environments without internet access.
  • Terrain Correction of ALOS-1 from ESA On the fly products
  • Automatic orbit download via QC Rest API
  • Compact polarimetric tools
  • TOPS Deramp/Demod operator
  • Calibration for RCM, PAZ and ICEYE SLC
  • Improved Terrain Flattening & thermal noise filtering
  • Support for multi-size: subset, collocation, copy pixel information, create subset action, export mask pixels, magic wand, export transect pixels, add elevation
  • Operator for the detection and removal of Prompt Particle Events on OLCI
  • Support multiple slaves in collocation operator
  • Improve resampling operator
  • Smart configurator enhancements
  • Graphical User Interface for Remote Execution
  • Virtual File System(VFS) : mechanism to access files from remote site
  • Added OTB bundle

For more information about changes made for this release please have a look at the release notes of the different projects: SNAP, S1TBX, S2TBX, S3TBX, SMOS Box, PROBA-V Toolbox

Enjoy the new release
The SNAP Team

SNAP 7.0 released

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