SNAP Download

Here you can download the latest installers for SNAP and the Sentinel Toolboxes.

Data provision is available to all users via the Sentinel Data Hub.

Current Version

The current version is 6.0.0 (15.01.2018 15:25 UTC).

For detailed information about changes made for this release please have a look at the release notes of the different projects: SNAP, S1TBX, S2TBX, S3TBX, SMOS BoxPROBA-V Toolbox

We offer three different installers for your convenience. Choose the one from the following table which suits your needs. During the installation process, each toolbox can be excluded from the installation. Toolboxes which are not initially installed via the installer can be later downloaded and installed using the plugin manager. Please note that SNAP and the individual Sentinel Toolboxes also support numerous sensors other than Sentinel.

Windows 64-Bit Windows 32-Bit Mac OS X Unix 64-bit
Sentinel Toolboxes
These installers contain the Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 Toolboxes
Download Download Download Download
SMOS Toolbox These installer contains only the SMOS Toolbox.
Download also the Format Conversion Tool (Earth Explorer to NetCDF) and the user manual.
Download Download Download Download
All Toolboxes
These installers contain the Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 Toolboxes, SMOS and PROBA-V Toolbox
Download Download Download Download

If you later decide to install an additional toolbox to your installation you can follow this step-by-step guide.

We are happy to get your feedback on the software installation procedure, functionalities, encountered issues, etc on the Forum. You may also watch the Blog to be informed about SNAP news such as new software releases or interesting events.

Release Notes



Previous Versions

Former releases can be downloaded from the Previous Versions page.


All software is published under the GPL-3 license and its sources are available on GitHub.