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Sentinel-3 Toolbox Features

Supported Missions and Sensors

  • Sentinel-3 OLCI/SLSTR
  • Landsat 4 – 8
  • CHRIS/Proba
  • Spot VGT

Features and Tools

  • Visualising spectrum of pixels
  • Doing Band Maths using arbitrary mathematical expressions
  • Uncertainty visualisation
  • Propagation of uncertainty in Band Maths
  • Access to In-Situ Databases (still a demonstrator)
  • Pixel extraction tool
  • for more features see the general SNAP features page

Available Processors

  • S3 OLCI Radiometry
    Performs radiometric corrections on OLCI, like gas-absorption and Rayleigh correction
  • S3 SLSTR PDU stitching
    Stitches multiple SLSTR L1B product dissemination units (PDUs) of the same orbit
  • AATSR/SLSTR Regridding
    Reconstruct the original nadir and forward view images of Sentinel-3 SLSTR (in development) and Envisat AATSR L1B products
  • MERIS Radiometry
    Performs radiometric corrections on MERIS, like calibration, equalisation and smile-effect correction
  • OWT Classification
    Optical water type classification based on atmospherically corrected reflectances
  • FU Classification
    True colour classification with the discrete Forel–Ule scale
  • FLH/MCI retrieval
    FLH/MCI Processor calculates the Fluorescence Line Height and the Maximum Chlorophyll Index
  • ARC SST Processor
    Implementation of parts of the ARC/SST-CCI processor
  • FUB/WeW processor
    Retrieves Case-II water and atmospheric properties from MERIS data