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STEP Forum live again, but some DNS changes may take awhile

Dear STEP Users,

The Forum is live again. It can be accessed at the following address:

Please note that some DNS changes operated today may take awhile to be applied for everyone. The read-only copy of the forum will be accessible in the following days, until the changes are applied. If the forum is NOT read-only, it means it is pointing to the latest version of the forum, and the DNS changes were applied on your computer.
We are still working on some areas of the forum, so you may notice small issues. You can help us by describing the encountered issue in the meta category of the forum (

We are continuously working on improving our platform, to offer the best experience.

The STEP Team.

STEP Forum read-only on 22nd of May, 2017, between 5 AM UTC and 15 PM UTC

Dear STEP Users,

Please be informed that the STEP forum will be read-only tomorrow, 22nd of May, 2017, between 5 AM UTC and 15 PM UTC. This means the forum will be able to display posts, but not to save new posts or other actions. This operation is part of periodic administration operations, and has the scope of assuring and improving the accessibility and responsiveness of the STEP platform (including the public website and the forum).

We are working as fast as possible to reopen the forum. A new post will inform when the operation will complete.

We are sorry for any possible inconvenience and we are continuously working to improve our services.
Thank you for your understanding.

The STEP Team.

LE: The forum is live again, but some DNS changes will not take effect right away and for everybody in the same time. Please note that, if the forum that you see is read-only, you are seeing a backup of the forum. It may help to clear the browser cache. Otherwise, try again in a few hours.