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Frequently Asked Questions About the SNAP Platform

What is SNAP?

SNAP is an open source common architecture for ESA Toolboxes ideal for the exploitation of Earth Observation data.

What does the acronym SNAP stand for?

SNAP is the SeNtinel’s Application Platform.

How is SNAP licensed?

SNAP is licensed under the GNU GPL v3

What is the minimum required hardware to run SNAP on a laptop or desktop?

It is recommended to have at least 4GB of memory. To run the 3D WorldWind View, it is recommended to have a 3D graphics card with updated drivers. SNAP will work on 32 and 64 bit Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

How can I get WorldWind to work? I see a blank window in the World View.

To use the WorldWind World Map, a 3D video card with updated drivers is necessary. Update your video card drivers. (How to update windows drivers) (ATI/AMDNvidiaIntel). Some known issues exist with using WorldWind within a virtual machine such as VirtualBox.

How can I move the .snap user application data folder somewhere else?

By default SNAP creates a <USER_HOME>\.snap (~/.snap on Linux). The .snap folder is used to store temporary data such as preferences, logs, downloaded DEM files etc. Some users have a small quota on their home folder and would like to change the location of this folder.

Edit the file SNAPInstallFolder\etc\snap.properties and change the line



When installing SNAP, I get an OutOfMemory Error. What can I do ?

Try deleting your $HOME/.install4j directory before starting the installer.