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Sentinel-1 Toolbox Features

Supported SAR Missions

  • SENTINEL-1, ENVISAT ASAR, ERS-1/2, RADARSAT-2, ALOS-1/2, Cosmo-Skymed, TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X


  • All general EO processors from SNAP (Subset, Resample and Band Arithmetic, etc.)
  • Absolute calibration (SENTINEL-1, ENVISAT ASAR, ERS 1&2, ALOS, RADARSAT-2, TerraSAR-X, Cosmo-SkyMed)
  • Multilooking & speckle (single and multitemporal) filtering
  • Precise orbit handling (SENTINEL-1, Doris, Prare and Delft orb.)
  • Coregistration of detected and complex products
  • Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry, debursting, slice assembly
  • Range-Doppler Terrain Correction
  • Radiometric normalization during Terrain Correction
  • SAR simulation and Layover and shadow masks
  • Simulated SAR Terrain Correction
  • Ellipsoid correction, Map Reprojection, Mosaicking
  • Ocean tools: basic routines for oil spill detection, ship detection and wind field estimation from SAR data
  • Fully integrated and featured InSAR processor (Jlinda) for Strimap and Zero-Doppler focused data
  • Quad-Pol and Dual-Pol matrix conversion, speckle filtering, decompositions and classifiers
  • Compatibility with PolSARpro Toolbox (Reader, Writer)