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Sen2Cor is a processor for Sentinel-2 Level 2A product generation and formatting; it performs the atmospheric-, terrain and cirrus correction of Top-Of- Atmosphere Level 1C input data. Sen2Cor creates Bottom-Of-Atmosphere, optionally terrain- and cirrus corrected reflectance images; additional, Aerosol Optical Thickness-, Water Vapor-, Scene Classification Maps and Quality Indicators for cloud and snow probabilities. Its output product format is equivalent to the Level 1C User Product: JPEG 2000 images, three different resolutions, 60, 20 and 10 m.

Sen2Cor installation packages are provided as standalone installers.

Two different versions of Sen2Cor are available:

Sen2Cor_v2.9 is the latest release supporting Sentinel-2 L1C data generated with the current (14.6) and previous (14.5 and 14.2) Products Specification Document, as input. Sen2Cor_v2.9 release contains new features and improvements respect to Sen2Cor_v2.8.0.

Sen2Cor_v2.5.5 is the previous release and it is needed if the user intends to process old Sentinel-2 L1C data generated with the Products Specification Document older than 14.2 and not reprocessed by ESA.