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ESA  is developing  free open source toolboxes for the scientific exploitation of Earth Observation missions under the the Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM)  programme element.  STEP is the ESA community platform for accessing the software and its documentation, communicating with the developers, dialoguing within the science community, promoting results and achievements as well as providing tutorials and material for training scientists using the Toolboxes.

The ESA toolboxes support the scientific exploitation for the ERS-ENVISAT missions, the Sentinels 1/2/3 missions and a range of National and Third Party missions. The three toolboxes are called respectively Sentinel 1, 2 and 3 Toolboxes and  share a common architecture called  SNAP. They  contain some functionalities of historical toolboxes such as BEAM, NEST and Orfeo Toolbox that were developed over the last years.


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The following results have been obtained thanks to the Sentinel Toolboxes :

Latest News

CHRIS-Box now available for SNAP

We are glad to announce the availability of CHRIS-Box for SNAP. Till now the toolbox for CHRIS/Proba was only available for BEAM. Now, you can install the CHRIS-Box also into SNAP. It is available via the Plugin Manager. The focus for this version of CHRIS-BOX was the migration of the tools to SNAP. While doing […]

SNAP 8.0 released

The SNAP development team is pleased to announce a new SNAP release. The different installers for the supported platforms can be downloaded. In this release the development teams worked on general features like remote access of data, data processing, IO performance and the memory management. Also, sensor specific improvements and features have been implemented. Noteworthy […]

SNAP User Forum – Presentations available

10 September 2019 @ 11:30-16:05; Magellan B Room The Sentinel Applications Platform (SNAP) is a data analysis framework ideal for the exploitation of Earth Observation data. SNAP is an open-source solution with a number of toolboxes and plugins that allow its users to analyse Radar (e.g. Sentinel 1 SAR) and Optical data (e.g. Sentinel 2 […]

SNAP 7.0 released

The SNAP development team is pleased to announce a new SNAP release. The different installers for the supported platforms can be downloaded. Besides bug fixes and improvements, several new features are waiting for you. For example: New readers: AATSR L1 data in SAFE format, S-1 on AWS, RCM products, PAZ, ICEYE, RISAT-1, ALOS-2 in GeoTiff, […]

SNAP User day 10 September 2019

ESA SNAP is the free and open-source multi-mission toolbox for post-processing and analysing ESA and 3rd party EO satellite image data. SNAP User Forum is an event where users will be able to exchange their experience with the use of SNAP. It will be organised around oral and hands-on sessions where newcomers can get to […]