The atmospheric correction software, iCOR, is now available to the broad user community through the ESA Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) for the atmospheric correction of Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 data.

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By implementing iCOR in SNAP, researchers can test iCOR for their own study areas and experiment with the different functionalities the new tool has to offer. The iCOR SNAP plug-in can be freely downloaded along with the iCOR application.

The strength of iCOR is that it is scene generic: it works just as well on land as on water targets (coastal, transitional and inland waters). The tool identifies whether a pixel is water or land and applies a dedicated correction. iCOR runs without user interaction and all the input parameters can be retrieved from the image itself.

iCOR is developed Vito Remote Sensing by through funding from the Belgian Science Policy, The European Space Agency and the European Commission

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