New release of SNAPHU 1.4.2 is available

SNAPHU is releasing the new version 1.4.2 available to be downloaded from here. The news of this version is the provide of the installer file.
Two-dimensional phase unwrapping is the process of recovering unambiguous phase data from a 2-D array of phase values known only modulo 2pi rad. SNAPHU is an implementation of the Statistical-cost, Network-flow Algorithm for Phase Unwrapping proposed by Chen and Zebker.


Notable Replies

  1. ABraun says:

    that is just great, can’t wait to test it!

  2. Another exciting thing is that Windows-users do not have to deal with Cygwin anymore, as we’ve bundled SNAPHU with MSYS:

    Also, we’re working on an external tool adapter so that SNAPHU can be invoked directly from SNAP - stay tuned.

  3. Dear all, I have added the installation file for 32-bit Windows (it was missing in the initial release). The SNAP external tool adapter is in progress. Enjoy it!

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